Working in hard-to-get at places is a speciality we’ve grown into.  We have worked on some spectacular, tough and challenging house sites throughout Auckland, surrounding areas, Waiheke Island and the Hauraki Gulf.  If an excavation is needed, we can do it in the most cost and eco-effective way.

We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of work whether it’s earthworks through to retaining walls. We are committed to meeting the expectations of safety, project timeframes and quality, thereby insuring satisfied clients in a job done right the first time.

Accurate cuts and levels are paramount for your building project to start from. We don’t skimp on preparation or on the delivery.  If a person can be called a craftsman with a digger, then that’s the description for any of our operators.

With all these activities, our company ethos of clean, sharp and timely work remains intact.  Your requirements are foremost.

We guarantee our work.

Section Clearing, Demolition & Rubbish Removal

Show us the vegetation or demolition that needs to be cleared within your boundary. We will bring the right equipment and expertise to demolish or clear the site and give your project a clean footprint to start from.

We also provide equipment for concrete and rock breaking, plus Log Grapple for tree removal.

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Landscaping & Supplies

We excavate for swimming pools, shape gardens, mulch, spread topsoil, supply and place large rocks.  We’ll work closely with your landscape designer, landscaper or with trusted associates of our own, to achieve the result you want. We ensure our clients are happy by leaving the site as designed to the highest standard.

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Confined Spaces

Working in hard-to-get at places is a speciality we’ve grown into. We have specialised equipment to deal with small, under house and confined spaces for excavations, footings, drilling and back filling.

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House Sites

Whether domestic or commercial, we are experienced in preparing sites for construction. Have your surveyor or builder set out the excavations, from there we will complete the rest.

Excavation and site preparation is the key to ensure that your project is built properly and on solid ground. We have modern up-to-date machinery, laser levelling equipment and highly experienced operators to do this, working to within fine tolerances of your earthworks plan.

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No need to stress the importance of doing foundations properly.  We know this.  You know this.
Our drilling for pole foundation is precise.  Our trenches are straight, and exact where they should be.  We have specialised equipment to deal with small, under house excavations or large footings.  We take extra care in the all-important (and often overlooked) area of backfilling block walls with metal.  We provide and transport metal for slab preparation; our layering and compacting are to specification.

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Trenching & Drainage

We will provide you with solutions for underground installations and storm water drainage. Land Developers can supply 1.5ton, 4.5ton, 8.5ton & 20ton excavators with trenching and digging equipment. We can supply filter cloth, drain coil, PVC piping, concrete piping, cesspits and grade 3 river sand and metal for trenches as needed.

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“Environmental impact is a priority consideration and every care is taken to ensure we protect the ecology in the process of completing your project."